Audit Results, Recommendations, and Remediations

Composable Finance coding has been audited by the following renowned security auditing firms:

  • Trail of Bits: This near-decade-old cybersecurity auditing firm has worked to secure some of the most prominent and highly targeted software products and technology organizations.
  • Halborn: An award-winning blockchain cybersecurity firm that has worked with Polygon, Avalanche, Terra and more. Currently, we are in a Security Audit As A Service partnership with Halborn. The partnership will engage Halborn in continuous assessment and audit of Composable Finance’s code.
  • Codean: Codean performs constant code reviews on a weekly basis focused on our Substrate code.

Once any of the code has been reviewed, the audit firms make suggestions on addressing any points of weakness if there are any, which we implement.

Code fixes, audit reports and subsequent fixes are available here on our GitHub.