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Getting Started

Quick and simple

Getting started with Codespaces is super easy. We'll just have to configure your GitHub account and set up Visual Studio Code.

Setting up your GitHub account

First, make an account on GitHub if you do not already have one. Configure two-factor authentication, and make sure you use a strong password, preferably by using a password manager.

Then, make sure that you are part of the Composable Finance Organization. You check this by going to

GitHub Organization Check Search for your own GitHub username

If you are not yet part of the ComposableFi GitHub organization, send a message to @cor in the composable Slack channel.

When you are part of the ComposableFi organization, you need to configure GPG signing and your Code editor in GitHub settings. Go to set GPG verification to "All repositories" and Editor preference to "Visual Studio Code".

GPG verification and Editor preference Setting up GPG verification and Editor preference

Setting up Visual Studio Code

Simply install Visual Studio Code on your computer, and add the GitHub Codespaces plugin.

Visual Studio Code GitHub Codespaces plugin Installing the GitHub Codespaces plugin

You are now ready to start using Codespaces!