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Using Codespaces

easy peasy lemon squeezy

Once you're ready to get started, using Codespaces is very easy. Simply go to our monorepo at and click on the "Create codespace on main" button:

Create codespace on main Create codespace on main

Then, give your browser permission to open Visual Studio Code:

Open Visual Studio Code Open Visual Studio Code

Once you've opened Visual Studio Code, it is very important that you open the Workspace. The bad news is that this cannot yet be done automatically, but the good news is that it is very easy to do. Scroll down to the file named composable.code-workspace, and click on the "Open Workspace" button in the lower-right corner:

Open the Workspace Open the Workspace

When you see COMPOSABLE (WORKSPACE) [CODESPACES], you're good to go!

Opened Workspace Opened Workspace

Git and GitHub integration

We have deep Git and GitHub integration in our Codespace. GPG Signing is done automatically, and interacting with pull-requests is integrated in the core of the coding workflow.

Checkout a branch

Checkout a new or existing branch with the branch button.

Checkout a branch

Commit and push

Start coding away. While coding, continually commit and push your changes with the sidebar:

Commit sidebar Commit sidebar

Open a draft pull-request

Once you've pushed one commit, you can open a draft pull-request with the pull-requests sidebar. Then, you can view your PR while you are working on it:


PR Comments while you code

You can then continue working on your PR as usual. When someone comments on a piece of code that you are editing, you will see it in-place. Here you will be able to reply to the comment and optionally resolve the conversation:

Inline PR comment Inline PR comment

That's all you need to know in order to effectively make changes using Codespaces! Depending on what you want to work on, check out one of the following guides: