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Composable CosmWasm CLI

Composable Cosmwasm CLI is a CLI tool to quickly get started with the XCVM ecosystem and interact with a chain that runs pallet-cosmwasm.

Create a CosmWasm project

You can create a base CosmWasm project that you can work on.

ccw new --name get-started --description "Get started with CosmWasm"

See here for more.

Upload a CosmWasm contract

For interacting with pallet-cosmwasm, substrate subcommand is used. To be able to call your contracts, you need to upload them to the chain first. There are several sources to upload your contracts:

1. Upload a local contract binary

You need to specify the file path and the signer to be able to upload a contract from the file path. Extrinsics must be called by a signed entity in pallet-cosmwasm. For now, the examples will use development accounts for signing extrinsics, but we will explain it further later.

ccw -n alice upload -f /path/to/file.wasm

2. Upload a contract from a running chain

If a Cosmos chain provides an RPC endpoint, you can use it to load the contracts to ccw. All you need to know is the RPC endpoint to fetch the contract from, and either the contract address that uses the contract code or code ID that identifies the contract code.

Fetch using the contract address:

ccw substrate -n alice tx upload --cosmos-rpc --contract juno19rqljkh95gh40s7qdx40ksx3zq5tm4qsmsrdz9smw668x9zdr3lqtg33mf

Fetch using the code ID:

ccw substrate -n alice tx upload --cosmos-rpc --code-id 1

3. Upload a contract from a server

One common thing is to go to a contract's release page and download the contract binary from there. You don't have to do that with ccw.

# Fetch the official release of `cw20_base.wasm`
ccw substrate -n alice tx upload --url

Interact with a contract

For examples of interacting with the contract, go to the walkthrough.