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Custom Message Handler

CustomMsg calls result in NotSupported error in the default implementation. But our framework is flexible enough to let you define your own custom message logic.

Implementing a custom message handler

If your chain supports CosmosMsg::Custom, you can simply implement the CustomHandler trait in our framework and handle custom messages and queries. Note that your CustomHandler type needs to implement Clone because it will get reverted if the transaction fails.

/// Type that implements the CustomHandler
#[derive(Default, Clone)]
pub struct MyCustomHandler {}

/// Custom message type
#[derive(Debug, Deserialize)]
pub struct MyCustomMessage;

/// Custom query type
#[derive(Debug, Deserialize)]
pub struct MyCustomQuery;

impl CustomHandler for MyCustomHandler {
type QueryCustom = MyCustomQuery;
type MessageCustom = MyCustomMessage;

fn handle_message<AH: AddressHandler>(
vm: &mut Context<Self, AH>,
message: MyCustomMessage,
_event_handler: &mut dyn FnMut(Event),
) -> Result<Option<Binary>, VmError> {

fn handle_query<AH: AddressHandler>(
vm: &mut Context<Self, AH>,
query: MyCustomQuery,
) -> Result<SystemResult<CosmwasmQueryResult>, VmError> {

Then you again need to create an Api type which uses MyCustomHandler.

pub type CustomJunoApi<'a, E = Dispatch> = Api<
State<MyCustomHandler, JunoAddressHandler>,
Context<'a, MyCustomHandler, JunoAddressHandler>,

One more thing is, you need to provide MyCustomHandler to the StateBuilder.

let mut state = StateBuilder::<JunoAddressHandler, MyCustomHandler>::new()
.set_custom_handler(MyCustomHandler {})