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Build on Composable: Ecosystem Development

To help usher in the interoperable future of DeFi, Composable Labs actively supports developers building projects with our technology. This includes projects using pallets on our Picasso parachain and those building with our cross-chain technology.

Composable labs is devoted to guiding new protocols that harness the full potential of the Composable tech-stack, via holistic blueprints. We continue to support protocols in building with Composable Finance’s technology stack and our blueprints program will operate as follows:

Rather than building at the protocol level using pallets, this program will be focused on providing guided and actionable blueprints to help developers utilize Composable Finance’s novel solution for cross-chain smart contracts, the XCVM.

Here’s how the general flow of this process will look:

  1. Composable's core team ideates a new use-case for the XCVM that could add value to the Picasso ecosystem.
  2. Composable Labs takes this idea and turns it into a comprehensive blueprint.
  3. This blueprint will be posted in a Request for Proposal (RFP) structure on Github. Developers who then find any of the open RFP compelling can submit a grants application to Composable Labs for precursory discussions regarding the development of the blueprint.
  4. The Labs team and development team can then define the scope of the project, relevant milestones, along with how any required grants may be distributed across these milestones.
  5. Please reach out to the Labs team if you are interested in having us support any particular tools or projects for the Composable ecosystem that are not currently open for RFPs.

More documentation on the XCVM will follow shortly but with a Rust SDK, Solidity SDK, and frontend SDK (XCVM.js) all well underway, you can expect to see the release of blueprints utilizing all of the above.

Projects building on Composable:

Composable Research

An aspect of Composable Labs is Composable Research, a research arm dedicated to working towards advancing innovative ideas, identifying market trends, and discovering untapped potential. This is not only the case for in-house projects – Composable Labs works closely with incubated project teams to identify problems, shortcomings, and opportunities for new functionality or increased efficiency.

Composable Labs works in tandem with our in-house lead cryptography researcher, @Cryptoni0x, who plays a crucial role in researching cryptographic primitives and the technology that surrounds it. Composable Labs are developing several primitives that will serve as fundamental DeFi products and services for users on Picasso.

As we work to confront MEV in the DeFi ecosystem and explore opportunities to leverage the idea for the good of Composable Finance, we will continue to research and discussions within our team and community. You can check out this post by 0xbrainjar stating our team's approach to addressing MEV in the Composable ecosystem.

Composable Labs will continue to grow its research presence and is always looking for individuals to add to their talent pool.