Composable Grants Program

Composable will be offering grants and developmental assistance to the projects using our technology, emphasising supporting those that provide crucial functionalities or are incredibly innovative. The programs allows us to support and award the most promising projects using our infrastructure by providing them with funding and developmental assistance from our team.

CosmWasm Grants Program

To accelerate the development of cutting edge cross-chain products within the Composable ecosystem, notably with the reveal of the XCVM, Composable Finance is launching a grants program for developers and projects building with CosmWasm. The grants program is one of our multifaceted strategies to attract and support innovators who utilize and build with CosmWasm. We aim to ignite an industry-wide revolution of cross-chain applications using our XCVM, whose de facto language for spinning up interoperable smart contracts is CosmWasm.

We encourage interested parties to apply or reach out to learn more about how our ecosystem has the potential to support robust innovation with the necessary scalability, security and sustainability. As the grants programme is up to $100,000 per project, a small financial plan should be presented later when in discussion with the grants team.

Applying for Composable’s Grant Program

Whether you have an idea or a fully-formed existing project, we are interested in working with you and will support projects at every stage of development — from initiation to completion.

Individuals and teams looking to build pallets on Picasso should apply here.

Those interested in working with Mosaic and the Composable SDK to develop cross-layer dApps should apply here.

Apply now to be on the cutting-edge of DeFi’s interoperable future. This is just the start of Composable’s journey to bring interoperability to the blockchain, and we want you to grow alongside us. The grants program has three divisions:

The Pallets Program

This program invites developers to build Substrate pallets onto Picasso, helping build out a complete offering of all DeFi functionalities (from basic to advanced) as building blocks for future developers to quickly architect powerful dApps on Picasso.

Composable’s Substrate pallets provide LEGO-like building blocks for developers to build interoperable applications on Picasso. As noted, our team is currently working on several pallets. To reach our goal of providing a complete list of offerings to make building on our ecosystem as simple as possible, we are providing grants for pallet developers and those leveraging our pallets to create applications.

There are three separate pallet tracks for our grants: primitive, core and application:

  • Primitive Track grant recipients building essential tooling for pallets and applications deployed on the XCVM.
  • Secondary (Core) Track teams will leverage the primary primitive pallets to create building blocks which allow for user interaction and value generation.
  • Tertiary (Application) Track projects will be those that leverage both primitive pallets and core functionalities.

The Cross-Chain Applications Program:

This program invites developers to leverage our Composable software development kit (SDK) to use our technology and build interoperable applications native to the Composable ecosystem. Currently, the Composable SDK comprises a set of tools such as Mosaic, which is stacked in a layer on top of the XCVM and functions as an early iteration of the XCVM.

Composable Finance has built this SDK to facilitate development across various layers and chains. Given this broad scope of possibilities, our cross-layer grant recipients can have a diverse set of interests, for example:

_ Use Composable’s SDK to build a cross-layer yield aggregator, allowing maximal yield generation.

_ Use cross-layer function calls to build a flash loan protocol which can leap across several chains within a single block time.

At Composable, we are still discovering the full extent to which this technology can be leveraged. Even if you are not seeking a grant, we still invite you to work with our SDK to see what you can build!