Business Line Development

Composable makes it easy for other innovative projects to join our ecosystem and build with our technology. This allows other developers in the space to make their own applications interoperable and more intuitive, vastly improving the cross- ecosystem user experience.

Composable offers the following services for other businesses, projects, and community developers:

Data provider onboarding:

Onboarding individuals/entities that can provide data for our oracle pallet, Apollo, like Teller and API3.

IBC-enabled chains onboarding:

Onboarding Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol-linked chains into our ecosystem via our IBC-Substrate bridge.

Parachain onboarding:

Onboarding other parachains into the Composable interoperable ecosystem.

Pallet onboarding:

Onboarding other pallets onto our Kusama parachain, Picasso.

Infrastructure onboarding:

Onboarding new layers, chains, and their associated validators into our ecosystem and interoperable infrastructure.

Cross-layer application tooling (Composable SDK):

Allowing other projects to integrate our tools and technology via the Composable software development kit (SDK) and XCVM.

Building with the Composable XCVM:

Onboarding developers to use the Composable Cross-Chain VM (XCVM).