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Composable Research

Since its inception, Composable has fostered innovative research-based solutions. As a result, allowing the development of value-added DeFi primitives and products due to the incorporation of in-depth research to uncover hidden opportunities and inefficiencies within the building approach. Composable Research is a research arm dedicated to working towards advancing innovative ideas, identifying market trends, and discovering untapped potential.

Areas of Focus

Composable Research aims to accelerate and improve the process of building, educating, and promoting Web3. In addition to building, a core focus is to maximise the value output as an organization and ecosystem partner by contributing and collaborating in research on Web3 adoption and improvement.

As an organization, Composable Research aims to focus on medium- and long-term critical issues that will have a profound impact on the sustainability of DeFi. Some challenges the blockchain space faces cannot be cracked immediately but warrant investigation through intellectual rigor.

In hindsight, these may seem like clear linear developments but instead require the overlap of diverse expertise and contributions. Many features of DeFi that are considered normative today, like L2 rollups as a scaling solution, were not within DeFi’s zeitgeist years ago. They were developed through years of extensive research, theory, and continuous iterations on the challenges of scaling the sector.

Composable Research demonstrates resolve as a sustainable solution pathfinder with cross-domain expertise in Mathematics, Cryptography, and Blockchains. Composable Research’s work will inform Composable’s future roadmap and help ensure it remains at the forefront of innovations addressing consumer needs.

Some of the present foci at Composable Research include:

  • Cross-domain MEV extraction and optimization
  • Transaction intent settlement cross-chain in an optimized manner
  • Retail adoption of crypto
    • Mass adoption by users
    • TradFi/FinTech integrations/collaborations
    • Solutions for geographic regions with financial/economic instability