The Composable Team
Composable Finance brings together a well-rounded team of individuals who are fully immersed in the blockchain and decentralized finance spaces. Through their varied experiences, the Composable team has come to recognize that the future of blockchain is cross-chain and cross-layer. Under this shared mission, our team unites, bringing with them all of the tools and skills needed to break down the barriers dividing the blockchain industry.

Cosmin Grigore | CEO

Cosmin entered the crypto space in 2017, initially starting with Solidity development and trading. He has had a long career in computer science, working as a full-stack engineer before pivoting into engineering management. Cosmin made a full transition to crypto in 2020, working as a dev lead for, an Advanced Blockchain AG portfolio company. While there, he had the idea for Composable Finance, and started working with Advanced Blockchain to make it a reality. Cosmin is Composable’s venerable leader, bringing extensive experience and cutting-edge ideas, while managing a complex product and ecosystem.

0xbrainjar | Head of Product

Our Head of Product is currently anonymous. Originally trained in physics, he brings valuable DeFi know-how and passion. Check him out on Twitter or Medium for product updates and industry insights. He’s also leading Composable Labs, the incubator and the testing ground for projects using Composable’s tech stack.

Karel Kubat | CTO

Karel is a long-term crypto user and developer, passionate about decentralization through technological means. Karel has worked on a range of protocols and contracts, such as Ethereum, NEO, Substrate, and custom chains. He brings this expertise to the Composable team, working to help democratize financial instruments and markets.

Zain | CMO

Zain is a seasoned art, brand and marketing director who has worked between the intersection of tech and development. Previously head of brand and communications at Biconomy, marketing head at Muzmatch (Y Culimantor), Zain has built award-winning campaigns and marketing strategies for his innovative organizations and businesses. He brings a wealth of industry and related experience to the role.

Nanni Sackmann | Head of People and Operations

Nanni has been working within DeFi for the past 2.5 years and within international tech companies for the last 10. She provides crucial operations support for Composable, as she works on building the team itself, developing internal talent, and growing the organization. Nanni brings ideas, positive energy, professionalism, and passion to the Composable team.

Rob Zhuang | Project Lead

Rob is a crypto enthusiast who previously founded a football loyalty program on the blockchain. He brings valuable expertise in digital delivery, focusing on banking and payments platforms within the blockchain. An integral team member, he unites product, design, and development in order to bring Composable’s vision to life.

Kirill Podchishchalov | Business Development

Kirill is a DeFi enthusiast who has been in the space since 2017. He has a unique background within the crypto community, previously working for over 15 years in container logistics in Russia and Finland, and spending eight years in agricultural commodities trading. He brings significant negotiations experience to Composable, dealing with factories, feed mill owners, and decision makers in Asia and Europe.

Seun Lanlege | Parachain Lead

Seun is a valuable asset to Composable’s Polkadot operations, bringing experience as a former core developer at Parity Technologies. While at Parity, Seun worked in Ethereum, Substrate, and Polkadot and also learned how to launch and maintain secure blockchain networks. He is leading the Polkadot team, harnessing his knowledge and experience in order to make Composable’s parachain launch effort a success.

Nymph | Researcher/Developer Relations

Nymph has a deep understanding of the blockchain and a deep passion for DeFi. Their background is in infosec, data science, and quantitative science, and they bring a wealth of knowledge in mechanism and systems design and analysis. Beyond their expertise, Nymph has a knack for understanding the needs and culture of developers in the blockchain space and can network with the best of them.

Douglas Kuhn | DevOps/Rust Engineer

Douglas is self-described crypto and DeFi evangelist, providing support in Rust and Python while developing other key software for Composable. He specializes in intelligence, machine learning, and large-scale automation of trading bots. An expert in Binary “Bitness”, Douglas has a keen mind for creating software that improves the scale of capital potential.

Mayowa Tudonu | Solidity Engineer

Mayowa brings a wide range of industry experience to the Composable team. He’s worked in more traditional fields like FinTech and e-commerce and has transitioned to crypto and DeFi more recently. Mayowa works to make the Solidity team successful by encouraging proactive communication, high engagement, and collaboration.

0xde5e501516e18 | Solidity Developer

0xde5e501516e18 has a strong background in applied math, computer science, and DeFi that he brings to Composable’s team. An MBA graduate with former experience as an entrepreneur, 0xde5e501516e18 has shifted to programming and followed his love of the blockchain and DeFi. At Composable, he focuses on Solidity contracts architecture and Web3 infrastructure.

Filip Laurentiu | Solidity Developer

Filip brings key experience in blockchain and web applications to Composable. He supports the Solidity development team, using his blockchain development background to build out Composable’s ecosystem.

Victor Nwagbogwu | Solidity Developer

Victor has been in the blockchain space for 5 years and is an expert in writing smart contracts. Victor assists in Solidity development for Composable, adding high-value smart contracts to the ecosystem.

Pepe Blasco | Developer Lead of SDK Team

Pepe has been around the crypto sphere since 2016 and assists Composable with Solidity development, specializing in the design and implementation of blockchain applications. Before Composable, Pepe was the CTO and technical architect of a Blockchain-based carbon credits marketplace. He is an expert in user interface technology, focusing on increasing customer ease of use, while optimizing costs and utility.

Filip Kalebo | Rust Developer

Filip was an early Bitcoin adopter, hosting nodes as early as 2014. Prior to crypto development, he gained practical experience in the IT-security world, building and breaking systems. He currently assists Composable with Rust, bringing his security mindset in order to increase developing power.

Mohammad Mahmoodian | Backend Developer

Mohammad brings experience in Go-lang, back-end, and blockchain development to Composable’s development team. Before joining our team, he worked to implement a back-end for a cryptocurrency exchange. At Composable, Mohammad is working to add the Go programming language to our back-end stack.

Antonio M. Larriba | Cryptography Researcher

Antonio is a current PhD student in cryptography, coming from a computer science background. Bringing skills and knowledge from academic research, Antonio provides the Composable team with the information necessary to build our product securely. He is especially knowledgeable about cryptographic primitives, signature schemes, notes about security, and the validity of proofs.

OxComposableLyon | Cryptography Researcher

OxComposableLyon brings valuable knowledge in cryptography and mathematics to Composable, supporting cryptography research. OxComposableLyon provides crucial help to the Composable team on questions about cryptography, especially within initiatives that span across chains.

Danny Wang | Community Manager

Danny brings useful experience from the traditional finance world to DeFi community building. He’s previously been a community manager for DeFi-related projects and is working to support the Composable team by working on community engagement and events. Danny is an advocate for the vital role communities play within crypto projects, cultivating an active community around the Composable ecosystem.

Sydney Sweck | Content Lead

Sydney has worked with Advanced Blockchain as a content writer for a number of years and has written content for various blockchain organizations since 2015. She leverages her scientific research background to take a thorough yet clear approach to content creation, striving for content that is useful and educative for everyone from the blockchain newbie to the DeFi die-hard seeking advanced details.

0xslenderman | Head of Design

0xslenderman has been in crypto since 2014 and has been designing DeFi/crypto applications since 2018. He is the bridge that connects the technical side of crypto with the user-facing design side. Having a background in IT engineering, computer science, and design enables him to turn complex and tech-heavy concepts into seamless and user-friendly experiences. He makes it easy for users to understand, use, and adopt this cutting-edge technology.
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