The Composable Team

The Composable Finance team is made up of individuals dedicated to realizing a seamless cross-chain user experience and a blockchain-agnostic future of DeFi. There are around 80 people on the Composable team; 40 developers, 12 on Product and QA, 8 on Growth and HR, and 18 on design, marketing, and community. Select biographies of our core members are below.

0xbrainjar | Founder & CEO

Brainjar brings a deep understanding of the blockchain space and a comprehensive vision on cross-chain DeFi. He is focused on researching blockchain infrastructure and relevant trends to advise on Composable’s development as well as designing products that can best leverage the Composable tech stack. He’s also advising Composable Labs, the incubation arm that births and supports projects using Composable’s tech stack. Brainjar writes about the R&D at Composable on Twitter and Medium.

Karel Kubat | CTO

Karel is a long-time crypto user and developer, passionate about decentralization through technological means. Karel has worked on a range of protocols and contracts, such as Ethereum, NEO, Substrate, and custom chains. He is well versed in several programming languages including Rust, Solidity and Haskell. He brings this expertise to the Composable team, working to help democratize financial instruments and markets. Follow him on Twitter.

0xslenderman | Head of Design

0xslenderman has been in crypto since 2014 and has been designing DeFi/crypto applications since 2018. He is the bridge that connects the technical side of crypto with the user-facing design side. Having a background in IT engineering, computer science, and design enables him to turn complex and tech-heavy concepts into seamless and user-friendly experiences. He makes it easy for users to understand, use, and adopt this cutting-edge technology. You can find Oxslenderman on Twitter.

Zain Haider | CMO

Zain drives the voice and brand of Composable and leads the communication of our diverse team’s rapidly evolving innovation. Through Zain’s oversight of the marketing department, Composable is not only able to communicate the innovative progress but also educate communities, partners, investors, and newcomers to the fundamental knowledge base of cross-chain technology, our core infrastructure, and our greater vision. With over 10 years of marketing leadership, Zain has advised a plethora of projects, led global marketing teams and developed successful growth campaigns for start-ups and web3 solutions. Zain has a BA in Development Economics (SOAS, University of London) and an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. Zain is on Twitter where he brings updates to the community.

Jeffrey Smith | Global GC, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Jeffrey has specialized experience spanning the different dimensions of finance across securities law, financial regulation, digital assets, DeFi, compliance, risk, mergers & acquisitions, taxation, anti-money laundering, and more than 23 years of deep experience in the law covering all aspects of business and finance. His domain knowledge and years of real legal experience have enabled him to build a successful digital asset, DeFi, cryptocurrency, securities and financial law practice. Jeffrey has advised a range of clients across the different dimensions of DeFi, such as liquidity management, smart contracts, regulatory compliance, initial coin offerings (ICOs), DAOs, and more. You can follow Jeffrey on LinkedIn and Twitter.

MarmiteToast | Head of Product Strategy

Before becoming a DeFi degen and joining Composable, Marmite had a career as a physical commodity trader in the European Gas and Carbon markets. As head of product strategy Marmite ensures that the Composable vision is translated into high quality, innovative, and user-centric products. It is Product's responsibility to ensure that the technical developments align with the broader strategy and business objectives. Follow him on Twitter.

Rob Zhuang | Head of Product Delivery

Rob brings valuable expertise in digital delivery, focusing on banking and payments platforms within the blockchain. An integral team member, he unites product, design, and development in order to bring Composable’s vision to life. Rob has been working with Composable for a year and has been instrumental in the growth and development of Composable Finance. Rob spends his time showcasing Composable features and product designs on Linkedin and Twitter.

Martina Burghi | Head of HR

Marti has developed and grown talent across different DeFi start-ups in the past three years including extensive HR management and recruiting experience in the global tech industry. She brings a people perspective to Composable, believing that hiring and developing people is at the center of organizational success. As Head of HR, she brings teams together, strengthens relationships, and leverages people’s creative capacity and skill sets to ensure our objectives are accomplished. You can find Marti on Twitter.

Seun Lanlege | Bridging Lead

Seun brings his wealth of experience as a former core developer at Parity Technologies to Picasso. Seun is leading the bridging team and harnessing his knowledge and experience to power the development of trustless bridging solutions between various networks beyond DotSama, including IBC and more. Follow him on Twitter or Medium.

Blas Rodriguez Irizar | Rust Solana Developer

Blas has worked building zk-rollups at Consensys, has expertise in building high performance systems, and working with different blockchains (Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin). He studied Economics and Finance, and now works at Composable on trustless bridges. Follow him on Twitter.

Pepe Blasco | Solidity lead

Pepe has been around the crypto sphere since 2016 and assists Picasso with Solidity development, specializing in the design and implementation of blockchain applications. Before Composable, Pepe was the CTO and technical architect of a Blockchain-based carbon credits marketplace. He is an expert in user interface technology, focusing on increasing customer ease of use, while optimizing costs and utility. Follow him on Twitter

0xBobaFetador | Mosaic and Bots Lead

Boba has a passion for understanding incentive structures, game theory, and bot networks for DeFi applications. Boba has experience in capturing cross-chain arbitrage and building arbitrage bots on multiple blockchains. He is currently creating and supporting the development of Mosaic Phase 2. Before Composable, Boba worked as a senior software engineer on high-level security GPS software. Follow him on Twitter

Hussein Ait Lachen | XCVM Lead

Hussein, also known as 0xcodejug, has a passion for functional programming and started his career as a self taught haskeller working in a logistic startup. He got involved in blockchain technology in 2020, and with his background as a Haskeller, Hussein started looking into Cardano and its domain. Hussein joined Mlabs in 2021 and now works as the XCVM lead for Composable. Hussein also loves game hacking and bypassing anti cheats and still does this in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter.

Antonio Larriba | Head of Composable Research

Antonio Larriba is a cypherpunk deeply concerned about privacy and true decentralization in the electronic age. He obtained his BSc in Computer Science and his MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the Universitat Politècnica de València. He is currently finishing his PhD in Cryptography and Distributed Systems. He also worked previously in Machine Learning and NLP. You can follow him on Twitter.

Vim Wickramasinghe | Substrate Lead

Vim is a seasoned software engineer and a technical lead. He has been building financial technology (trading systems, banking, robo advisors, etc.) for over 10 years. Having been interested in crypto since the early days, he took the dive into DeFi in 2018, building on Rust/Substrate. He is passionate about architecting/scaling decentralized products on distributed systems, specially Substrate. His career long mission is financial inclusion and independence for all. You can follow him on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Ahmad Wehbi | Head of Growth

Ahmad spent most of his career advising institutions on strategy, operations and organizational topics. At McKinsey & Company, he helped organizations design and orchestrate ecosystems at scale. At Composable, Ahmad leads efforts to grow the community of builders, founders and partners that live on Composable or utilize the Composable tech stack. He is present on Twitter and LinkedIn.