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The Composable Team

There are around 56 people on the Composable team; 29 in engineering and research; 8 in Infrastructure; 3 in Product and design; 12 in Growth, marketing and business development; 5 in legal, finance and HR. Select biographies of our core members are below.

0xbrainjar | Founder & CEO

Brainjar brings a deep understanding of the blockchain space and a comprehensive vision on cross-chain DeFi. He is focused on researching blockchain infrastructure and relevant trends to advise on Composable’s development as well as designing products that can best leverage the Composable tech stack. He’s also advising Composable Labs, the incubation arm that births and supports projects using Composable’s tech stack. Brainjar writes about the R&D at Composable on Twitter and Medium.

Eoin Whelan | Chief Finance Officer

Eoin has extensive experience operating, scaling, and raising capital in the Traditional and DeFi sectors. He had an early career as an international tax and M&A accountant with Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC). He held leadership roles at BDO advising international corporate clients, and at EY leading the finance transformation team and successfully growing the business tenfold. Eoin’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to become the CEO of a tech start-up where he successfully raised 5 million euros. After that, he had over 5 years as a C-level executive for a number of DeFi, NFT, and blockchain-related projects. He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and a Master’s degree in business and finance. In his role, Eoin focuses on delivering excellence in finances to accelerate the company’s journey towards expansion and sustainable growth.

Jeffrey Smith | Global GC, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Jeffrey has specialized experience spanning the different dimensions of finance across securities law, financial regulation, digital assets, DeFi, compliance, risk, mergers & acquisitions, taxation, anti-money laundering, and more than 23 years of deep experience in the law covering all aspects of business and finance. His domain knowledge and years of real legal experience have enabled him to build a successful digital asset, DeFi, cryptocurrency, securities and financial law practice. Jeffrey has advised a range of clients across the different dimensions of DeFi, such as liquidity management, smart contracts, regulatory compliance, initial coin offerings (ICOs), DAOs, and more. You can follow Jeffrey on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Karel Kubat | Chief Technology Officer

Karel is an early crypto advocate that has actively participated in the future of the technology both as a user and a developer. Karel has worked on a range of protocols and contracts, including Privi Protocol as a Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer, as well as Ethereum, NEO, Substrate, and other custom chains. As a programmer, he has extensive experience in several languages, including Rust, Solidity, and Haskell. Karel joined Composable in 2021, where he oversees the Research and Engineering departments with the critical responsibility of creating the technology strategy behind Composable’s products. Twitter

Zain Haider | Chief Marketing Officer

With over 10 years of marketing leadership, Zain has advised a plethora of projects, led global marketing teams, and developed successful growth campaigns for start-ups. He started his start-up journey at Muzmatch developing an aggressive and successful growth campaign, resulting in a 100% customer increase in 6 months and decreasing costs per acquisition by 300%. He has been in Web3 for 2 years and he has led brand and communications at companies like Biconomy. Zain has a BA in Development Economics from SOAS, University of London and an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. In his role as Chief Marketing Officer, Zain drives the brand of Composable and leads the communication of our rapidly evolving innovation. LinkedIn | Twitter

Fernando Reyes | Chief Information Security Officer

A cybersecurity professional by trade, Fernando brings a blue-chip background working within TradFi, DeFi, and the public sector. He is a veteran of the United States Army, former National Security Agency operator, and graduate of MIT's Information Security & Assurance program. Serving as Chief Information Security Officer, Fernando works closely alongside all of Composable's business units to provide trust and confidence to our partners and participants in the space.

Martina Burghi | Head of HR

Martina has more than 6 years of experience in Human Resources. She started her career in Human Capital and Recruitment consultancy at firms such as Deloitte. Following four years of work in global tech firms, Martina spent the past three years developing and growing talent across different DeFi start-ups. She holds a Psychology degree specialized in organizations. As Head of HR, she brings teams together, strengthens relationships, and leverages people’s creative capacity and skill sets to ensure Composable’s objectives are accomplished. Twitter | LinkedIn

Ahmad Wehbi | Head of Growth

Ahmad has 10 years of experience and spent most of his career advising institutions on strategy, operations, and organizational topics. Ahmad is focused on the business and growth side and holds B.B.A. in Entrepreneurial Studies and an MBA from INSEAD. At McKinsey & Company, he helped organizations design and orchestrate ecosystems at scale. At Composable, Ahmad leads efforts to grow the community of builders, founders, and partners that live in Composable’s ecosystem or utilize the Composable tech stack. Twitter | LinkedIn

0xslenderman | Head of Design

0xslenderman started his career in technology consultancy. Given his passion for aesthetics and design, 0xslenderman became an entrepreneur founding a creative consultancy company. Since then, he obtained 7 years of experience in creative direction. He has been in crypto since 2014 and has been designing DeFi/crypto applications since 2018. Previous to joining Composable, he led the creative strategy at companies like Peaq. 0xslenderman has a background in IT Engineering and Computer Science, which enables him to turn complex and tech-heavy concepts into seamless and user-friendly experiences. Twitter

Robert Zhuang | Head of Product Delivery

Rob has more than 15 years of experience in project management and delivery. He started his career in traditional finance working at ANZ Bank and HSBC as Project Manager and Digital Transformation Lead. He then moved to digital banking at BABB leading delivery efforts. Before joining Composable, Rob gathered entrepreneurial experience founding the blockchain company Footballnet. With two bachelor degrees in Commerce and Law, Rob brings broad experience to Composable and unites product, design, and development in order to bring Composable’s vision to life. Linkedin | Twitter

Antonio Larriba | Head of Composable Research

Antonio is a cypherpunk deeply concerned about privacy and true decentralization in the electronic age. He obtained his BSc in Computer Science and his MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the Universitat Politècnica de València. He is currently finishing his PhD in Cryptography and Distributed Systems. He also worked previously in Machine Learning and NLP. Linkedin | Twitter

Blas Rodriguez Irizar | Bridging Lead

Blas has 7 years of experience as a Software Engineer. He started his blockchain experience at LayerTwo, moving to Consensys where he worked on building zk-rollups. Blas has expertise in building high performance systems and working with different blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Masters Degree in Finance. In his role at Composable, Blas leads our trustless bridges solutions. LinkedIn | Twitter

Vim Wickramasinghe | Technical Lead

Vim is a seasoned software engineer and a technical lead. He has been building financial technology (trading systems, banking, robo advisors, and more) for over 10 years. Having been interested in crypto since the early days, he took the dive into DeFi in 2018, building on Rust and Substrate. Before joining Composable, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Centrifuge building the open source Centrifuge blockchain and p2p network. At Composable, Vim leads the engineering team that focuses on parachains. LinkedIn | Twitter

0xBobafetador | Bots Lead

Samuel has 9 years of experience as a Software Engineer. Prior to joining Composable, he developed high-level GPS software at companies like Collins Aerospace and BAE Systems. Samuel has considerable expertise in capturing cross-chain arbitrage and building arbitrage bots across multiple blockchains. He holds a Computer Engineering Degree at the University of Iowa. At Composable, “Boba” focuses his efforts on developing monitoring technology for Picasso, Pablo, and all bridges.LinkedIn | Twitter

Hussein Ait Lahcen (0xc0dejug) | XCVM Lead

Hussein has a passion for functional programming and started his career as a self-taught Haskeller working at a logistic startup. He got involved in blockchain technology in 2020, and with his background as a Haskeller, Hussein started looking into Cardano and its domain. Hussein joined Mlabs, an AI and blockchain consultancy company, in 2021 and now works as the XCVM lead for Composable. Hussein also loves game hacking and bypassing anti-cheats and still does this in his spare time. Twitter | LinkedIn