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Additional details will be published here and on our socials as new products and tools launch.


Where can I find more information about the Composable Team?

If you’ve already checked out “The Composable Team” tab, you can find more information using the resources below:

  • Our Founder and CEO 0xbrainjar, can be followed on Twitter and Medium.

Company Information

What is Composable Finance?

Composable Finance's vision is to become the entryway and networking fabric for blockchain networks and serve all interactions, transfers, and communication cross-ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to make the seamlessly interoperable future of DeFi into a reality, via our suite of products intended to provide the necessary financial primitives alongside the final orchestration layer, the Composable XCVM.

How is Composable funded?

The most recent round of funding for Composable Finance raised a total of over $32 million in our series A. This is an incredible step for the company, pushing it into the future and towards new advancements.

The round included notable investors in the space. GSR, Ignite (formerly Tendermint Ventures), Fundamental Labs, Coinbase Ventures, LongHash Ventures, Figment VC, New Form Capital, DFG, Blockchain Capital, 0xVentures, Yunt Capital, Jump Capital, Polytope Capital, NGC Ventures, SOSV, and Spartan Group were among those who participated.

Are there any resources for additional questions, updates, and information about Composable and its operations?

To find even more information, stay up to date, and communicate with other users and our team, make sure to follow/join us at:

Twitter |Telegram | Discord |Website | Medium |GitHub | LinkedIn | Youtube