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Composable Parachain's Governance

Composable’s Polkadot parachain will ultimately become completely decentralized and democratic after the TGE of LAYR, its native token. This requires a sufficient user base, so in the initial stages of parachain deployment, the Composable parachain will operate under an OpenGov structure lead by the Composable Council and Technical Committee.

Composable OpenGov

Similar to phase 1 of OpenGov on Picasso, members of the Council and Tech Committee on Composable will hold a GOV token to interact with Composable governance.

The following tables outline the governance procedures and parameters related to the Governance tracks.

Support ThresholdWhitelist Track Time (Passing)Root Track Time (Passing)
10%12 hours 0 minutes5 days 14 hours
20%3 hours 20 minutes4 days 4 hours
30%1 hour 15 minutes2 days 18 hours

With X % of support, Referenda can pass after Y duration (time periods in the table) since the beginning of referenda depending on whethere the approval rate is above the approval curve.

whitelist-curve Approval curve for the Whitelist Track

root-curve Approval curve for the Root Track

Track TypeConfirm PeriodDecision Period (Voting)
Whitelist Track30 minutes4 days
Sudo Track1 day7 days

Any member from the two collectives is allowed to submit a referenda.To cancel a specific referendum, you need a 1/3 approval from the Technical Committee. To Kill a referendum, 1/2 approval from the Council is necessary, particularly when the referendum is deemed malicious.

Regarding the whitelisted track, if you want to include the hash of a proposal, you must obtain either 1/3 approval from the Technical Committee or 1/3 approval from the Council. This is the operational procedure for the whitelisted track. If a proposal passes but its hash isn't added to the whitelist, the proposal will fail to execute.

Governance Collectives

Composable Council

Composable’s Polkadot parachain governance is carried out via OpenGov processes lead by the Council and Technical Committee. Once core pallets are onboarded onto the parachain and the LAYR token has gone through the TGE, the netowrk will be governed by the community.

The on-chain Composable Council comprises 11 members including senior Composable team members and Composable supporters. Council members are also responsible for controlling the Composable parachain’s multi-sig wallets.

Composable Council members are as follows:

  • Henry Love, Executive Director of Composable Foundation
  • 0xBrainJar, Composable Founder & Research Director
  • Blas Rodriguez Irizar, Composable Co-Founder & CTO
  • Joe DeTommasso, Composable Head of Governance & Strategy
  • Miguel Santefé, Composable Co-Founder & Head of Design
  • Joon W., MilkyWay Core Contributor
  • Jafar Azam, Composable Devrel
  • Jesse Abramowitz, Entropy Lead Software and Protocol Engineer
  • Will Pankiewicz, Parity Master of Validators
  • Tamara Frankel, D1 Ventures Founding Partner
  • James Wo, Digital Finance Group (DFG) Founder & Chairman

The Council will act to protect and support the functionality of the Composable parachain.

Technical Committee

The members of the Technical Committee is initially composed of Composable Finance developers and agreed upon by the Council. The role of the Technical Committee includes approval of the Whitelist track for upgrades, integrations, ensuring the technical stability and critical safety measures of the parachain.