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Token Transparency Commitment Statement

Composable Foundation (“Composable”) remains committed to transparency at all levels of the Composable ecosystem and our infrastructure offerings. Thus, we provide the community with the following information on the Picasso (PICA) token holdings, actions, and supply.

Organization Objectives & Token Use Statement

Composable’s native PICA token is fundamental to governance, user dynamics, and network usage on the Picasso parachain. Some of the use cases for the PICA token are (1) gas fees, (2) governance, (3) collator staking, (4) oracle staking, and (5) liquidity provisioning—all of which will operate within the Composable ecosystem. Beyond these intended functionalities for user or token holders, the PICA token also serves to (1) enhance the Picasso parachain’s sustainability, and (2) support growth, development, and security in Picasso. More details on these potential ecosystem benefits can be found below:

Enhancing the Picasso Parachain’s User Appeal and Sustainability

Composable has allocated 10% of the PICA token supply to “Ecosystem Incentives”, which include rewards for participating in a number of future actions on the Picasso network. These are programmatic incentives to bootstrap network growth such as running an oracle on Apollo. A subcategory of these incentives are the so-called “Infrastructure Tokens”, currently comprising approximately 0.72% of the total token supply of PICA (72,132,700 tokens) and dedicated to rewarding people running infrastructure for the Composable Ecosystem.

Further, Composable has allocated 30% of the PICA token supply to participants in our previous Picasso crowdloan. Our crowdloan and the user support therein were critical in helping Composable secure both its Kusama and Picasso parachain slots. Thus, to reward and thank the devoted users who supported us through this process, we are allocating a portion of the PICA token supply to crowdloan participants. Finally, 15% of the total PICA token supply is targeted to be released as rewards for participants in Liquidity Programs in Picasso.


Total supply refers to the number of coins or tokens that currently exist and are either in circulation or locked somehow. It is the sum of coins that were already minted (or issued) minus the total number of coins that were burned or destroyed.

Therefore, the total supply refers to both the circulating supply and the tokens that are yet to hit the open market including tokens that are being held under a lockup or vesting period, which typically follows a private sale or Token Generation Event. Coins or tokens that are eventually burned are excluded from the total supply.

Supporting Growth, Development, and Security on Picasso

Tokens from Composable’s “Treasury” PICA allocation may be used for a number of initiatives towards advancing the Picasso ecosystem, network security, application development and other forms of utility. This distribution involves the Picasso Network treasury receiving transaction fees. This is governed by the Picasso General Council, which is intended to later be governed by PICA token holders. 75% of spent network fees will automatically flow into the treasury pallet, with the remaining 25% of spent fees intended to be distributed to collators. Here, the token holders have the ability to identify and submit for approval improvement proposals relating to the Picasso network. Improvement proposals may include but are not limited to implementing additional security audits, grants for development on the Picasso network, core protocol updates or additions, new integrations of other ecosystems and protocols into Picasso and the broader Composable ecosystem, educational initiatives, further developer and/or user documentation, additional technological exploration and enhancement, etc. Token Holders are encouraged to discuss initial ideas and recommendations for improvement proposals via conversation on the dedicated Picasso Discord and submit formal proposals through Picasso’s governance process.

For the purposes of advancing these above objectives,

  • Composable may re-balance Composable-controlled accounts when warranted. This could involve creating new addresses and/or removing old addresses. For the sake of transparency, any changes in account addresses will be reflected below on this page.
  • Composable may liquidate PICA on occasion, in the event that expenses cannot be paid in this token. For instance, Composable may liquidate PICA to accumulate KSM for maintaining the Picasso parachain slot on Kusama.

Genesis Addresses

The following is a list of non-circulating and circulating genesis addresses of PICA tokens. Upon token launch, the genesis pools would be the multisig addresses below. We have published this list for the community to monitor for purposes of transparency. The other non-multisig addresses are labeled as protocol controlled addresses.


Circulating supply refers to all tokens that are held in accounts outside of the non-circulating Composable and protocol-controlled addresses listed above.

  • Circulating supply is currently the unvested tokens associated with the crowdloan rewards. No other multisig wallets or tokens will be considered circulating unless voted upon by protocol governance to become circulating, unless otherwise above.

Non-Circulating Genesis Addresses

The following multisigs are controlled by the governance council and are activated only by governance. These multisigs are considered non-circulating, and can only be considered “circulating” if voted upon by protocol governance to become circulating.

Treasury Multisig: 5uMNuPRaGaJ6BXoys1Myi5gioCsc5dMux4A6R2dnxGPcNoHm

Team Tokens Multisig: 5zBQWEzVJuF7BPkgi8hxRW4T3c4RkfhMuArgXekwHyLck4hT

Ecosystem Incentives Multisig : 5upPPwmpXUp3yrgx6erAzr84BfywuhVhKCeza5MGmBY8wJCK

Liquidity Programs Multisig : 5ys4cFxQBDs8qhkXbs9smn7yVMSmJ3QdLeqNTHfhk5QmX5Pj

Centauri Fees Multisig: 5xMXcPsD9B9xDMvLyNBLmn9uhK7sTXTfubGVTZmXwVJmTVWa

Treasury Pallet for accruing fees:

Alignment of allocation

In accordance with Council motion #16, the Picasso Treasury has been reimbursed for the allocation portion of the Infrastructure Round, which should have been sourced from the allocation designated for Ecosystem Incentives. This amount encompasses complete PICA allocations for oracle and collator providers, along with 12 months' worth of allocated rewards. The total PICA transferred sums up to 78,282,699.80.

Pursuant to Council motion #19, the Picasso Team Multisig will be reimbursed at its designated address from the Picasso Treasury. These tokens were mistakenly spent from the Team multisig address prior to the migration of a new Team Multisig, and therefore, reimbursed by the intended location, the Picasso treasury. The total PICA amount to be reimbursed is 51,874,200 PICA.

Neither of these events aims to modify any previously established token allocations; rather, they intend to rectify an accounting error between multisig addresses.

Protocol Controlled Addresses

Crowdloan Pallet Funds

Are located at the crowdloan pallet: 5w3oyasYQg6vkbxZKeMG8Dz2evBw1P7Xr7xhVwk4qwwFkm8u

A detailed list of the crowdloan contributions and rewards can be found on our GitHub.

Token Purchasers' Funds

Token purchasers’ funds have been loaded into a vesting pallet and will unlock based on the vesting schedule specified on the PICA token distribution. For more on how the vesting pallet works, please read:

State of PICA Supply as of December 28th, 2022

  • Circulating Supply: At most currently ~15% of Total supply.
  • Total Supply: 10 Billion
  • Gross Inflation: N/A
  • Net Inflation: N/A
  • Burnt Fees: N/A

The PICA token generation event (TGE) occurred on December 28th, 2022 at block number 1,444,176 on our chain. Total PICA supply at this time is 10 billion, which is the genesis supply of PICA. Additional PICA token distributions, inflation, etc. will be reported here once PICA goes into circulation after the TGE.

Tokens Released Into Circulation

Historical Token Release Since Network Launch

As per the tokeneconomics, half of the crowdloan rewards are now available, and the locked portion will continue vesting according to the vesting schedule. The unlocked tokens are considered circulating.

The treasury has seeded QA, testing stages, and operational wallets:




No other tokens will be considered circulating unless approved by governance.


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