Assets Registry Pallet Extrinsics

Register Asset


Creates asset using CurrencyFactory, Raises AssetRegistered event


ratio - allows bring you own gas fees. Set to None to prevent payment in this asset, only transferring. Setting to some will NOT start minting tokens with specified ratio. Foreign assets will be put into parachain treasury as is.

# if cross chain message wants to pay tx fee with non native token
# then amount of native token would be:
amount_of_native_token = amount_of_foreign_token * ratio


  • One to one conversion is 10^18 integer.

  • 10*10^18 will tell that for 1 foreign asset can buy 10 local native.

decimals - remote number of decimals on other(remote) chain

ed - same meaning as in CurrencyFactory

Update Asset


Given well existing asset, update its remote information. Use with caution as it allow reroute assets location. See register_asset for parameters meaning.

Set Min Fee


Minimal amount of asset_id required to send message to other network. Target network may or may not accept payment. Assumed this is maintained up to date by technical team. Mostly UI hint and fail fast solution. In theory can be updated by parachain sovereign account too. If None, than it is well known cannot pay with that asset on target_parachain_id. If Some(0), than price can be anything greater or equal to zero. If Some(MAX), than actually it forbids transfers.