Bonded Finance

A pallet providing means of submitting and maintaining bond offers.


The bonded finance pallet enables users to create bond offers, buy bonds from other users, and cancel existing bond offers via admin intervention. These bonds can be listed with various assets and can offer a different asset as the reward.

One bond offer may contain multiple identically priced bonds. Each bond will offer an equal part of the reward to buyers. Buyers can opt to buy multiple bonds to increase their share of the reward. Depending on the offer, buyers may or may not get their initial investment on the bond back. If there is a reward for the bond, buyers will always get their share of the reward.

Use cases

  • Staking. User locks amount for some period of time, gets reward in the end or vested. Stake returns to user in the end.
  • Vesting. User offers amount and ensure that recepients has 'ticket' tokens to bond to get reward.
  • Sell/Exchange/Trade. User makes bond offer, other users takes offer in exchange for other amount..

Sample Use Case

Alice creates a new bond offer with some number of bonds each priced at the same asset value. At the same time she provides reward assets which will be vested into the accounts which take the bond offers. She then locks some native currency to register the offer.

Bob buys part of the bonds from Alice's offer by transfering some asset amount desired by Alice. Bob will be vested the reward amount after the reward maturity period. If the offer maturity period is infinite, Bob will not be vested his initial invested amount.

Alice may cancel the offer and prevent new bonds on the offer. Once canceled she gets her native tokens back. All existing maturity periods continue to be executed.


Protocol is not protected from sniper bots, whales and other attackers. Could lock amounts after into time locked fNFTs, vested, or offer to depend on time and already taken amount.

Bond Offer Workflow

Creating Offers

The workflow of a bond offer starts with the offer extrinsic. Once an offer has been made, other users can decide to buy bonds from the offer with the bond extrinsic.

An offer defines some critical information:

  • The number of bonds

  • The price per bond

  • The maturity period (This can be finite or infinite)

  • The reward

If the offer maturity period is finite, the liquidity of the bond(s) will be returned to the buyer at the end of the maturity period. Otherwise, the beneficiary will own the liquidity. The reward is defined with its own maturity period. The reward maturity period can only be finite. Both maturity periods are measured from when the bond(s) are bought.

The reward is distributed proportionally to buyers based on the number of bonds they own.

Buying Bonds

Bonds can be purchased with the bond extrinsic. Buyers will indicate the number of bonds they wish to buy. If the number of bonds they wish to buy is higher than the number of available bonds in the contract, the transaction will not go through.

Buying bonds will start the offer and reward maturity periods at the current block.

Once all bonds are purchased, the stake paid by the offer creator will be refunded.

Canceling Offers

Bond offers can be canceled with the cancel extrinsic. This can only be successfully called by the AdminOrigin.

Once canceled, the stake and liquidity will be returned to the offer creator. However, this will not cancel currently vested rewards.

Technical Notes

  • This pallet implements the composable_traits::bonded_finance::BondedFinance trait.