Crowdloan Rewards

The Crowdloan Rewards pallet allows contributors to claim their rewards.


Unsigned Transactions

Before associating their account, users will not have the funds necessary to pay transaction fees. To get around this, unsigned transactions are allowed but must be validated.

For a transaction to be validated, these conditions must be met:

  • Transaction contains a reward ID and valid proof

  • The pallet has been initailized

  • The reward account contained in the call has not been associated

  • The remote account (from ETH or relay chain) is retrievable from the proof

  • The reward account has a positive reward balance availiable to claim

Rewards Workflow

After reward accounts have been populated and the pallet has been initialized, contributors can start to claim their rewards. A percentage of the reward is paid at the first claim, and the remaining percentage is vested over an arbitrary period of time split into Vesting Partitions.

Rewards are claimed by the following steps

  1. An AdminOrigin sets up and populates the reward accounts, consisting of a vector of (PublicKey, Amount, VestingPeriod). The PublicKey is either coming from the relay chain (Kusama in this case) or from ETH.

  2. An AdminOrigin initailizes the pallet with the initialize or initialize_at extrinsics

  3. Since the users don't own any funds, the first claim has to be made using our service so that we can associate and fund the account. The association results in the remote account being associated with the reward account. This association automatically triggers the first claim, the claim results in the first payment being distributed to the newly associated Picasso account.

  4. Once the first claim has been made, the user has to wait until the next VestingStep. After having waited for the vesting partition. The user is able to either associate a new account or directly claim using their already associated Picasso account. This can be repeated until the contributor has claimed all of their reward.


  • both associate and claim calls do not charge fees if successful.