Oracle Pallet Extrinsics

Add Asset And Info


Permissioned call to add an asset

  • asset_id: Id for the asset
  • threshold: Percent close to mean to be rewarded
  • min_answers: Min answers before aggregation
  • max_answers: Max answers to aggregate
  • block_interval: blocks until oracle triggered
  • reward: reward amount for correct answer
  • slash: slash amount for bad answer

Emits DepositEvent event when successful.

Set Signer


Call for a signer to be set, called from controller, adds stake.

  • signer: signer to tie controller to

Emits SignerSet and StakeAdded events when successful.

Add Stake


call to add more stake from a controller

  • stake: amount to add to stake

Emits StakeAdded event when successful.

Remove Stake


Call to put in a claim to remove stake, called from controller

Emits StakeRemoved event when successful.

Reclaim Stake


Call to reclaim stake after proper time has passed, called from controller

Emits StakeReclaimed event when successful.

Submit Price


Call to submit a price, gas is returned if all logic gates passed Should be called from offchain worker but can be called manually too Operational transaction

  • price: price to submit
  • asset_id: Id for the asset

Emits PriceSubmitted event when successful.