The Vault pallet is a batteries included vault module, usable as liquidity pools, yield farming vaults or embeddable as core infrastructure.


The Vault module provides functionality for asset pool management of fungible asset classes with a fixed supply, including:

  • Vault Creation.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals.
  • Strategy Re-balancing.
  • Surcharge Claims and Rent.

To use it in your runtime, you need to implement the vault's Config.


  • Strategy: Accounts, smart contracts or pallets which may access funds in the vault for investment purposes. Each vault may have up to MaxStrategies associated with it. Each strategy is trusted, and has access to the complete contents of the vault, although the vault does recommend how much it should withdraw, based on it's allocations.

  • CreationDeposit: The minimum deposit needed by a user to create a vault. The deposit is also the reward for reaping the vault.

  • ExistentialDeposit: Vaults created with at least existential deposit are never reaped in V1. Mainly used for common good vaults.

  • Reaping: Each block, regular vaults pay rent for existing. Once the rent runs out, vaults are marked for deletion (tombstoned), and reaped after TombstoneDuration blocks.


Vaults are initially created with the create extrinsic. It's here that the lifetime of the vault is determined. Vaults that are created with an initial deposit greater than ExistentialDeposit + CreationDeposit will remain alive forever. Otherwise, vaults will be tombstoned after the RentPerBlock has depleted the funds in the vault.

While alive, vaults can be deposited to and have surcharge claimed. When claim_surcharge is called on a vault, its existing rent is paid and the caller is rewarded a small fee in turn. The withdraw extrinsic can always be called on vaults as long as they have not been deleted.

To avoid becoming tombstoned, users can deposit more funds to afford the RentPerBlock. If a vault does become tombstoned, it can be revived with the add_surcharge extrinsic before it is deleted. Once a vault has been tombstoned, it can be deleted with the delete_tombstoned extrinsic. Once deleted, the remaining balance of the vault will be returned.

Reusing the Vault

Pallets depending on the vault should use the vault traits. When managing the reaping and deposits is too difficult due to the creation of many vaults, or prohibitively expensive; create the vault with an existential deposit. You should ensure that you delete the vault yourself once it is no longer required.

Emergency Shutdown

Root is capable of completely shutting down a vault, disallowing deposits and withdrawals. This is intended as a mitigation for hacks. After an emergency shutdown, a vault can be restarted by root.