KSM Purchase Log

KSM Purchase Log This page catologues all the Picasso stable coin conversions to KSM via TPS (the OTC desk of 3AC ) and contributed to our Picasso crowdloan.

Purchase DateStable CoinsKSM Purchased at USDT
September 13th804,805.77 USD1,902.83 at 422.95
September 15th668, 810.99 USD1,597.27 at 418.72
September 17th1,383,574.437 USD3,430.607 at 403.3031
September 30th562,323.65 USD1,672.346 at 336.24
October 11th273,719.13 USD808.28 at 338.64
October 14th395,922.44 USD1,085.88 at 364.60
October 16th505,281.14 USD1,407.94 at 35887
October 20th189,000.00 USDC(509.11) sold at 371.23
October 21st501,886.57 USDC1,347.65 at 372.87
October 24th500,000.00 USD1,304.68 at 383.23
October 25th350,883.20 USD847.56 at 413.99
October 26th574,832.52 USD1,439.18 at 399.41
October 28th447,927.98 USD1,174.36 at 381.42
October 30th423,157.66 USD1,114.81057053 at 379.57808587