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Expanding the IBC Protocol

In addition to bridging Kusama and Cosmos via the IBC, we are working on expanding the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol to become the primary digital asset transport layer across different chains. The IBC Protocol allows for the trustless passing of arbitrary data in opaque packets between Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK) chains. This trustlessness is achieved through light clients and finality proofs, rather than relying on the conventional relayer and mint structure. Centauri is able to leverage the IBC’s capacity to trustlessly pass opaque data packets between chains. This becomes the primary transport layer for the Composable XCVM, facilitating cross-layer movement of information and assets.

Therefore, we are creating other bridges to connect the IBC protocol to more blockchains, such as NEAR. Combined, Mosaic, Centauri, and additional bridge expansions of the IBC from Composable aim to connect all chains in DeFi to the Composable ecosystem.

The first steps have been taken to see this vision true in collaboration with NEAR’s core team. Our joint effort with the NEAR core team in delivering the bridging infrastructure that connects NEAR and Polkadot will further add to DeFi’s continued growth and interoperability between two innovative ecosystems.

Ecosystems such as Polygon and other Ethereum scaling ecosystems that could greatly benefit from IBC and already have the required infrastructure needed to support a light client. In the future, we plan to build within such ecosystems, ultimately working towards a future where all light client-enabled blockchains are interconnected through IBC.