Composable Finance
Innovation Availability Layer


The Innovation Availability Layer is comprised of:
  • Substrate - IBC Bridge
  • L2 transfer and communication interface
  • Finality and shared security model of parachain
The IAL.

Substrate - IBC Bridge

This allows for asset transfer and communication between the DotSama and Cosmos ecosystems.
Integration with Cosmos chains is done through IBC, a protocol which defines both the network protocol (ports, serialization formats), and the on-chain interactions. IBC connections require both chains to embed a light client for proof validation.
Components include:
  • IBC-Substrate pallets
  • Beefy-IBC client merged into IBC-Go
  • Beefy-Go light clients
  • Mint and burn approach for transfers
The IBC-Substrate Bridge. Note that the relayer is just a process to pass messages, and does not perform signing, etc