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Cross-chain DEX

Pablo is a cross-chain DEX that sits on the natively interoperable Picasso ecosystem.

Composable uses a dual para-chain approach. It has a Polkadot parachain, the Composable Parachain and a Kusama parachain, which houses Picasso. Picasso acts as the cross-chain hub for deployment and rapid innovation due to its interoperable technology stack that integrates with most major blockchain ecosystems.

Picasso uses the, DotSama XCM channels and the Centauri IBC-Substrate bridge. XCM channels allow Picasso to connect to any parachain with DotSama where Pablo can be leveraged by other projects who would like a DEX for their tokens, bonding opportunities to increase POL and a platform to launch a LBP for launching tokens in a fair method whilst finding price discovery.

The Centauri bridge allows Picasso to connect to the IBC-enabled blockchains. Initially bridging to the Cosmos ecosystem, Pablo functions in this position as a cross-chain DEX, that through different mechanisms is able to guarantee liquidity even for newer token pairs, and serve as the next generation DEX in DeFi to function across the Substrate and IBC ecosystems.