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Governance & Tokenomics


Users who stake their PBLO tokens are given xPBLO fNFTs. They are able to use xPBLO in order to partake in governance decisions affecting the protocol and control routes for liquidity gauges.

In the future, Pablo will deploy the first liquidity gauges in Dotsama, allowing xPBLO holders to effectively vote and allocate where incentives should be allocated - therefore increasing value for the PBLO token whilst improving efficiency of the incentives too.

Pablo will roll out the use of liquidity gauges to provide incentives to different pools. Staked PBLO holders can use xPBLO to direct liquidity. Voters choose on a periodic basis which trading pair pools should be given additional incentives, wherein users provide liquidity to that pool.


The total supply of $PBLO, its distribution and vesting schedule:

  • There will be a total capped supply of 1,000,000,000 PBLO tokens. The PBLO token is 100% community-owned.
Liquidity Mining Incentives50%
Ecosystem Incentives20%
Picasso Treasury15%
Pablo Stakers (xPBLO holders)7.5%


$PBLO token use-cases and utility

The $PBLO token has several uses which incentivizes its ownership:

  • 20% of the total transaction fees on Pablo are distributed to users that lock PBLO to mint xPBLO fNFTs
  • PBLO tokens are used for protocol governance. Users who lock their PBLO tokens are able to receive proportionally increased governance power.
  • In addition to existing governance, xPBLO holders will be able to participate in bribes and liquidity gauges


Pablo undergoes continuous security audits, which will be published alongside any fix logs (if required) on the audits page on our Github.