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Contracts - Technical Details

For transparency, we are continuing to publicize the parachain vault approach we took when bidding for our Kusama and Polkadot parachains, as well as the contracts used in this process. This strategy is no longer being implemented to support parachain procurement, as this milestone has already been achieved. Please note that the information in italicized text below is outdated for this reason:

Our options for vault strategies were as follows:

  1. Harvest dai with ETH // Harvest dai with DAI
  2. Harvest usdc with ETH // Harvest usdc with USDC
  3. Harvest usdt with ETH // Harvest usdt with USDT

The contracts being used to power the vaults are as follows, with definitions below:


  • HarvestBase - base contract for all strategies using Harvest as the underlying strategy
  • IHarvest - interface for Harvest strategies
  • IStrategy - interface for all strategies
  • ERC1967Proxy - the proxy contract that points to a specific implementation
  • Timelock - contract to which ownership of all strategies will be transferred
  • StrategyBase - base contract for all strategies
  • Storage - base storage contract
  • HarvestStorage - Harvest strategies contract
  • HarvestSC - contract used for Harvest strategies where users enter with a stablecoin
  • HarvestSCBase - base contract for all Harvest strategies where users enter with a stablecoin

The following are the contract addresses for the deployed strategies:

HarvestDaiStableCoin: 0x4A03ea61E543eC7141a3f90128B0c0c9514F8737 (proxy)

HarvestUsdcStableCoin: 0xF12dA8470E2643cCb39a157e8577D9AA586a488f (proxy)

HarvestUsdtStableCoin: 0x1941441d31809e9E1828Da0cE6d44175F657E215 (proxy)