The Composable Parachain
A Polkadot parachain for the Composable ecosystem.

The Composable Parachain has Been Procured!

Composable is proud to join the elite class of Polkadot parachain custodians, having won the 8th parachain slot in the 7th Polkadot auctions. To make this remarkable achievement happen, over nine thousand crowdloan participants contributed 6,075,485 DOT valued at over $163 million.
This massive outpouring of support demonstrates the goodwill shared with our community. In appreciation, we are rewarding 16% of Composable’s total $LAYR supply to crowdloan participants. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our efforts and continues to edge us towards the full realization of our vision for an interoperable ecosystem.

About our Ecosystem and the Composable Parachain

Composable’s full technical stack is driving the evolution of digital assets and DeFi protocols. It enables the unification of functionality across all blockchain ecosystems to guide the industry towards a cross-chain future. Through our infrastructure and associated projects such as Instrumental Finance, Angular Finance, and Bribe, we drive thought leadership and provide robust protocols and tools to help DeFi achieve the ideals it was built upon.
Thanks to Polkadot’s high-security environment, the Composable Parachain will be home to both the Composable Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM) and our Routing Layer. These key innovations will drive our ecosystem towards true blockchain-agnostic functionality. In time, users and developers will be able to do more than just move assets between applications on different chains. Our infrastructure will orchestrate the most efficient pathway irrespective of chain or application.

The Relationship Between Picasso and Composable

With pallets being relatively new infrastructure, it is important that projects have a secure environment to learn and develop - which Picasso will provide for various pallets that deploy on it.
In time, we plan to establish a system where pallets can graduate from Picasso onto our eponymous Polkadot parachain, Composable. As part of this graduation, we will include the community through a governance/voting process to allow those with Composable’s best intentions in mind to have a say in the direction of the platform.
The Pallet Graduation Process
Larger transactions through our Routing Layer will be on Polkadot, allowing for our Polkadot parachain to have enhanced utility and scalability beyond the safe testing grounds of Picasso.
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