Crowdloan How-To Guide for KSM
For transparency, we are continuing to publicize the crowdloan approach we took when bidding for a Kusama parachain. This crowdloan has now been repurposed to allow users to provide liquidity to our Picasso parachain. Please note that the information in italicized text below is outdated for this reason:
This page outlines the simple process for participating in the Picasso Crowdloan using KSM. The following link is a how-to-guide that guides users through the process of participating in our crowdloan:
Our crowdloan is available at Click on the option to contribute to the crowdloan and you will be directed to the following page:
In this interface, you will be able to select the wallet you would like to deposit from, input how many KSM you would like to stake (with the amount of KSM available in your wallet also visible to you), and input any referral codes that you have been given from others. You must click submit before clicking contribute. You will also be able to see your estimated PICA rewards from your stakings, and how much of the crowdloan share of PICA rewards this would be.
Once you are ready to stake your KSM, hit “Contribute”.
At the bottom of the page, you are also able to generate a referral code to pass along to others. You can click the “?” icon for more information about this referral code:
Once you have contributed, you will be able to see your position in the crowdloan under “My Position”:
Here, you will see a summary of your KSM contributions so far, the corresponding estimated PICA rewards, and whether or not you have obtained the referral bonus. You also have the option to “Contribute More” KSM to the crowdloan, which sends you back to the previous interface.
If you click on the “Current Referral Bonus” you will be able to view the progress you have made towards obtaining the 20% referral bonus:
From the main crowdloan page, you will also be able to view the overall auction status, and its comparison to our targeted KSM raise:
We appreciate your contributions thus far and look forward to seeing what Picasso is able to achieve.
Last modified 25d ago
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