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Routing Layer Libraries

Routing Layer libraries on the XCVM allow for easier development and programming on the Composable infrastructure.

The XCVM will offer routing layer libraries for every generalized function of the Composable Routing Layer, such as a library of application binary interfaces (ABIs) for general functions such as swaps, lending and more on different chains. The library will seamlessly integrate with the infrastructure of the Indexer and the Solver and include different features and processes.

Composable will also create a code repository for these libraries which will be open to user contribution. As a result of these repositories, the XCVM will be able to reference any of the protocols in a relevant enclosed library. Developers would be able to select the ABI they need from the library of their choice, with the routing layer acting as the best option between these libraries.

As DeFi becomes more interoperable, ABIs and addresses are spread further across different chains. Developers are forced to search for protocols and corresponding ABIs across different ecosystems, interlink disparate protocols, and manually update smart contract integrations, all of which becomes more difficult with scale. Libraries that store and record protocol and ABI information solve this, but are few in number and exist primarily for the Ethereum network. Through the XCVM and the Composable routing layer’s interoperable functionality, it will enable the creation of routing layer libraries across several DeFi ecosystems.