Our near term goals are to complete development and drive usage of each layer of the Composable stack. Currently, we have Mosaic live, and with the Composable software development kit (SDK), we will be able to begin educating users about this cross-layer/cross-chain arbitrage opportunity, which can then lend itself to the understanding of our broader vision. Furthermore, we are continuously building more pallets to strengthen the foundational layer of our tech stack, that is our parachain.
The next phase for Composable is to integrate Picasso with the inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC). Through this step, we will enable cross-chain communication with every blockchain that uses IBC.
To do this, we will be utilizing Substrate to create the bridge infrastructure to connect our parachain to IBC. Beyond this, we will work to improve Mosaic’s cross-layer communication so that our transferal system can connect with our IBC-Picasso bridge. With this integration, we will look to generalize Mosaic to be a liquidity model that will extend across ecosystems.
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