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The Vision

In an ideal cross-chain world, developers and users interact unhindered across ecosystems and protocols, regardless of where their assets reside. For this reason, Composable Finance is on a mission to pioneer innovative Web3 user experiences in a trustless, non-custodial, and decentralized manner. Our efforts will not only enable new and valuable opportunities, but will also facilitate easy onboarding of traditional finance stakeholders into DeFi.

The Problem

Amidst the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), the industry faces challenges stemming from centralization, while gaining momentum. However, this expansion has led to increased fragmentation, with projects emerging on Layer 2 (L2) or Layer 1 (L1) networks instead of or in addition to the original Ethereum mainnet.

Despite the construction of blockchain bridges enabling asset movement, secure interoperability remains lacking, causing barriers to value transfer between ecosystems in a decentralized manner. Current solutions are centralized and susceptible to vulnerabilities that have led to over $2 billion dollars in exploits. Moreover, managing cross-chain assets proves challenging due to ecosystem segregation and a lack of cross-chain user friendly experiences.

Limitations in Current Approaches

Current approaches to solving these problems are limited by at least one of the below:

  • They are only focused on transfers, and not the broader developer experience
  • They are focused on creating an entirely new security model, based on a segregated chain
  • They are creating new messaging protocols instead of leveraging existing messaging protocols
  • They depend on oracles for finality
  • They do not focus on the cross-ecosystem user experience (UX)
  • They take centralized, trusted, or custodial approaches

The Composable Solution

Composable's technical stack establishes seamless and secure cross-ecosystem interoperability while upholding web3's core principles. Users' intentions trigger automated cross-chain transactions, streamlining processes. The solution to the current fragmentation in DeFi is not more of the same bridges being built between one chain to another. Instead, it is the unification of all ecosystems powered by a generalized framework for cross-chain infrastructure - the Inter-blockchain Communication Protocol.

Composable's interoperable infrastructure forms the foundation for DeFi's mass adoption, offering user-centric services like optimal lending rates and efficient swaps. The Composable VM unifies monolithic chains, optimizing smart contract execution for developers and users.

Get Involved

We're focused on pioneering innovation and accessibility for cross-chain DeFi, emphasizing collaboration over competition through our collective vision and bespoke offerings. Embracing decentralization, we seek partnerships with like-minded projects and supporters, inviting everyone to contribute to building the future. Feel free to connect with our team for inquiries on working together.

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