Mosaic: Our Layer 2 - Layer 2 Bridge
We will facilitate Layer 2 - Layer 2 Ethereum interoperability with our bridge.
At present, there are a multitude of Layer 2 Ethereum solutions, including zkSync, Optimistic Rollups, and Arbitrum. zkSync is a platform using zero-knowledge rollups (ZKRs) to package up smart contracts and deploy them onto Layer 2 of Ethereum, thus facilitating a secure and trustless second layer solution for token transfers.
Optimistic Rollups from Optimism fulfill a similar objective to the ZKRs of zkSync, and are written into the main Ethereum chain as calldata, sending transactions to be managed in a Layer 2 sidechain. Arbitrum by Offchain Labs is another layer 2 Ethereum protocol using Arbitrum Virtual Machine (VM) smart contracts managing Ethereum-based transactions largely off-chain.
These off-chain scaling solutions help speed up the transactions and lower gas costs by offloading the computation burden from the Ethereum mainnet. However, there is presently no interoperability between them, and we intend to fulfill this critical gap by linking these protocols and utilize them without the long lock-up periods, as depicted:
Instead of requiring users to rely on one Layer 2 solution and placing limits on the protocols, they can use our bridge that opens up the entirety of the Layer 2 space. We want to increase options and opportunities for creativity in the DeFi space — and this is only achievable when users have the choice to move between these protocols. In other words, for composability to be an option, we must make all the building blocks available. With the culmination of Composable’s Ethereum-based functionalities and tools, we thus create seamless interaction between Layer 1 and Layer 2 of Ethereum, where users have many options for fulfilling any sort of asset swap across these layers.
Last modified 2mo ago
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