Bug Bounty Via Immunefi
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To ensure the security of the novel vault strategy for securing a parachain slot, Composable is kicking off a bug bounty program hosted through Immunefi, a crypto-focused bug bounty platform to make crypto space more secure and easier to navigate.
The bug bounty hunters will be incentivized for identifying bugs and other vulnerabilities in the codebase of our vaults in our parachain procurement strategy. A total of 150,000 USDC and 0.05% of the Composable Token supply will be set aside for bounty rewards for identified vulnerabilities in the vault codebase.
Each escalated bug report will be reviewed by the Composable team, and the bug bounty hunters will be rewarded with the amount proportional to the severity of the bug or underlying vulnerability, as determined by Immunefi’s severity system. Immunefi will later post all the critical bug identification and fixes on their Medium blog for public availability.
The Composable bug bounty is now available at immunefi.com/bounty/composablefinance and will be open indefinitely. We want to ensure our community and vault participants that our protocol is protected against nefarious actions, and that the community will be rewarded for helping us with this process through this bug bounty program.
Immunefi has a strong reputation and is one of the leading DeFi bug bounty organizations. The platform has helped protocols avert over $1B in hack-related damages and has paid out more than $3M in bounties. Immunefi has been trusted by major Defi platforms such as SushiSwap, Cream, Synthetix, and Chainlink, to name just a few.
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