Composable Finance
Contracts - Technical Details
Our present options for vault strategies are as follows:
    Harvest dai with ETH // Harvest dai with DAI
    Harvest usdc with ETH // Harvest usdc with USDC
    Harvest usdt with ETH // Harvest usdt with USDT
The contracts being used to power the vaults are as follows, with definitions below:
    HarvestBase - base contract for all strategies using Harvest as the underlying strategy
    IHarvest - interface for Harvest strategies
    IStrategy - interface for all strategies
    ERC1967Proxy - the proxy contract that points to a specific implementation
    Timelock - contract to which ownership of all strategies will be transferred
    StrategyBase - base contract for all strategies
    Storage - base storage contract
    HarvestStorage - Harvest strategies contract
    HarvestSC - contract used for Harvest strategies where users enter with a stablecoin
    HarvestSCBase - base contract for all Harvest strategies where users enter with a stablecoin The following are the contract addresses for the deployed strategies: HarvestDaiStableCoin: 0x4A03ea61E543eC7141a3f90128B0c0c9514F8737 (proxy)
    HarvestUsdcStableCoin: 0xF12dA8470E2643cCb39a157e8577D9AA586a488f (proxy)
    HarvestUsdtStableCoin: 0x1941441d31809e9E1828Da0cE6d44175F657E215 (proxy)
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