Parachain vault strategies provide an annual percentage yield (APY) for users who invest and at the same time gives ETH or stable coin holders exposure to KSM/DOT auctions, opening gates that were chained shut in the past.
Opportunities for yield farming have inherent risks associated with them. Please take note of the following risks associated with our solution:
Even though smart contracts are known for being a stable and a secure way of processing data, bugs can still be discovered.
Attempted remediation for this risk includes the following:
    Trail of Bits audited our solution and changes have been reviewed by Stela Labs.
    Our cap for the vault will slowly be increased over time.
    Composable’s contracts themselves don’t keep users’ funds, rather re-routing them to yield farms that have several thousand users associated with them.
The fluctuation of assets is also an obvious market-related concern. Our strategies, depending on the one you chose to invest into, might swap your initial asset to another. In case of a withdrawal, that asset is swapped back to your initial one. The amount you receive back plus the APY depends on the price variation between the initial asset and the under the hood asset.
Remediation for this risk includes the following:
    We tackle this risk by providing a boosted APY generated by Composable Tokens, which are distributed at the token generation event (TGE) and after the launch event.
    Each strategy will illustrate exactly what happens under the hood in order for users to determine for themselves if they are comfortable taking on a given level of risk.
    To further mitigate market risk, all the strategies supported through Composable use assets with high liquidity in most AMMs, making it harder for people to manipulate them.
All the risks associated with any dApp are also available in the case of yield farming through Composable.
Remediation for this risk includes the following:
    In order to have a high APY and a higher degree of stability, we chose to connect to farms that were proven to be strong performers so far.
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