Vault Boosts

Vault Boost Overview

We are introducing a boost on participating in our parachain vault strategy long-term, increasing users’ earned Composable Tokens by 25%.
Composable has deployed this boost to users who stay staked/deposited in our vault strategy, with maximal rewards being delivered to those staking for 90 days.
The boost offers major rewards: up to a 25% increase on users’ earned Composable Tokens (based on nominal amount), vested over one year.
This staking and boosting method replaces our previous plans for a lock contract, and will continue as the format for our vault strategy until the auction, allowing the continual generation of yield for users and KSM/DOT.
As an additional bonus, these staking participants will have first access to our parachain vault strategy launchpad, which is where we will extend our vault strategy for use by other projects seeking to earn DOT/KSM to purchase their own parachain. The structure will be the same in our offering to other protocols, delivering another means for users to be rewarded for participating in parachain procurement.
Vault strategy participants will also have early access to other strategies that we are planning to launch; we have a variety of innovative partnerships that will be announced in the future, wherein we will create new and valuable opportunities for our users. Stay tuned for more updates on these partnerships, and how you can participate - and make sure you stake in our vaults soon to gain early access.

Boost Details

Staking Period:

New stakes can participate in boosted staking, but the full 25% boost is earned only after staking for the full program duration, and other boosts are delivered proportional to the number of days staked.


Withdrawing from the parachain vault strategy will cause the user to forfeit the boost that is proportionate to the amount withdrawn and the time they have staked.
Last modified 3mo ago