Composable Finance
Vault Strategy Expansion
Composable is incredibly happy that our vault strategy and related developments are ahead of schedule. Given the above developments, we are adapting this effort to support our Polkadot parachain procurement at auction, and extending the strategy until we earn our Polkadot parachain.
More specifically, stakers in our vault will now be supporting the procurement of our Polkadot auction. This means the following:
    The vault strategy will extend until the Polkadot parachain has been secured. Already to date, with $55M TVL, we have generated greater than 20,000 DOTs.
    The existing LAYR token incentives will proceed as previously detailed. However, LAYR incentives will stop beyond the last 40 day period. This means that the next few weeks will be the last opportunity for users to obtain the LAYR token. From there, we will commence incentivizing these stakers with PICA.
    As such, we are excited to launch additional strategies aimed towards Polkadot parachain procurement.
We are looking forward to announcing these additional strategies, as we continue to set the standard for cross-chain yielding strategies.
Last modified 1mo ago
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