Composable Finance
Phase 2 of Composable's development roadmap consists of launching Picasso, our parachain, on Kusama.
Picasso will be designed to be maximally useful for DeFi developers to build along. More specifically, it will be optimized for the innovation, construction, maintenance, symbiosis, and success of decentralized financial tools.
We are inviting individuals and teams to create pallets for Picasso. These pallets will serve as the building blocks on our parachain, with pallets to be developed for all DeFi primitives (oracles, vaults, etc.) as well as more advanced functionalities. Specifically, developers can propose pallets in the Primitives, Core, or Application tracks. DeFi primitives are essential components powering the industry, and include oracles, smart contracts, tokens, transaction execution, keepers, and governance. Core (secondary) components of DeFi build on primitives to create key value-generating processes, such as lending. Application (tertiary) functions are more advanced, and incorporate core and primitive components to generate sophisticated financial tools, like yield aggregators. Internally, we have a few of these pallets under development, which we will be announcing shortly.
Combined, this full suite of pallets will give developers built-in, highly customizable tools to construct powerful, interoperable dApps. Further, once cross-chain message passing goes live, the pallets we support can be phased out, opting for communication with pallets on other parachains, spun out into parachains themselves, or altered in design.
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