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Staking PICA on the Centauri chain

In this guide, we will demonstrate the steps to transfer PICA to the Centauri chain and stake PICA by delegating them to validators on the network.

  1. To begin, you need to send PICA from Picasso to Centauri. Go to and connect both your Polkadot and Cosmos wallets.


  1. Select Picasso as the source chain and Centauri as the destination chain. Input the desired amount you want to send to the Centauri chain for staking. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to confirm the specified amount.


  1. Now head to and connect your Keplr wallet. Select the 'Delegate' button and the validator you wish to delegate your PICA tokens to. Enter the amount of PICA you wish to stake.

Ensure the 'Fees' are set to 0 after clicking the Advance option as outlined in the screenshot.


You have now successfully staked PICA to secure the Centauri chain!


The Centauri network requires PICA to be delegated to a validator to earn staking rewards. To unstake PICA after delegation, it must undergo a 21-day "unbonding" period to receive your tokens.