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How to transfer assets between Picasso & Osmosis via Centauri

Centauri is the first IBC-based transfer protocol that operates outside of the Cosmos ecosystem. This guide will demonstrate how to transfer assets between Picasso and Osmosis using Centauri. Being the pioneer light-client bridging protocol that enables asset transfers between a chain running the Tendermint client and the Grandpa client, Centauri facilitates trust-minimized asset transfers between parachains on Polkadot/Kusama and the Cosmos ecosystem.

In this guide, we'll be using Osmosis's native token OSMO as an example to transfer assets between Osmosis and Picasso.

  1. Head to and connect both, your Polkadot and Cosmos wallets.


  1. Enter the amount of OSMO you would like to transfer and click 'Transfer'. A pop-up asking you to sign your transaction will appear, approve the transaction.


Transactions can take up to 3-5 minutes to complete, hit the 'Refresh Balances' button at any time you'd like to see a live update.


We are implementing a batching process which enables parachains to send assets directly to Cosmos chains and vice-versa.