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How to claim your crowdloan rewards

Steps to claim your crowdloan rewards:

  1. Go to connect your wallet and hit ‘claim’
  2. PICA tokens will go to your wallet but they can’t be moved/transferred until TGE
  3. On TGE you will not have to do anything, your tokens will be transferable
  4. The other 50% of tokens are subject to a vesting schedule found on
  5. Based on the vesting pallet logic, the unvested tokens will be viewable in users’ wallets on the day of TGE.
  6. From that point, users can periodically visit the website and hit claim with the same wallet connected to claim the remaining crowdloan rewards, which converts unvested tokens into liquid tokens.

Guide to Claim

Those who have participated in our crowdloan and want to claim their rewards, first, need a wallet to connect to Picasso. Click the link to read our guides on how to create a Polkadot.js or Talisman wallet for Picasso.

This guide will show you how to claim your crowdloan rewards. For the purpose of this guide, we chose to showcase the process using Polkadot.js. We recommend reading through the complete instructions at least once before following along.

Connect Your Account to Picasso

To use the complete feature set of Picasso, a wallet needs to be connected. You can use a Polkadot.js or Talisman account.


  1. Click “Wallets” in the top right corner
  2. Click “Polkadot”
  3. Select a wallet of your choice. In this case, we use Polkadot.js

You will be prompted to allow Picasso access to your account's addresses. Make sure it identifies as Picasso and its origin ""


  1. Click "Yes, allow this application access"


On the following page, you will see all the wallets associated with the connected account. If you create/derive more wallets in the future, they will show up here.

Claim Your Rewards

Now that your wallet is connected to Picasso you can claim your crowdloan rewards. You can simply replicate the following steps in Talisman, they are virtually the same.


  1. Click “Claim Rewards”
  2. On the following Screen click "Claim with Polkadot.js"

For Stablecoin contributors

  1. You will first be required to create a wallet using the Polkadot.js or Talisman extensions.
  2. After your wallet has been created you can sign into your Polkadot wallet by clicking the icon in the top right.


  1. Connect to the Polkadot network and select the wallet with which you would like to receive your rewards


  1. After connecting your Polkadot wallet you will be brought to this screen, where you can connect the Ethereum wallet you contributed stablecoins from:


  1. After connecting both wallets you should now be presented with this icon in the top right of your screen:


  1. You should now be able to follow the steps listed above to claim your Picasso rewards to your new Polkadot wallet.

Confirm Your Claim

You can see your rewards that are currently available to claim followed by the already claimed rewards. The unvested amount is the total amount of rewards you are still to receive. It also shows your crowdloan contribution and the given account collecting the reward.



  1. Click "Claim Rewards"
  2. Confirm the transaction with your password
  3. Wait for your claim to be processed

Processing your claim should only take a few seconds. Once you see this screen your claim was a success.