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How to LP on Pablo


Providing liquidity on a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Pablo can be a way to earn passive income by providing assets to liquidity pools Here is a guide on how to provide liquidity on the Pablo DEX. Release 2 will begin with 3 pools on launch which are as follows:


The Picasso Council has proposed to set the fees for these inaugural pools at 0.3%. Users can provide liquidity to earn a portion of the fees accrued by these pools. The total fee charged on a swap, buy, or sell is calculated as a percentage of the swap size and distributed to liquidity providers in proportion to their share of the pool.

For a step by step tutorial on how to swap tokens on Pablo, explore this guide.

How to provide liquidity


  1. On, connect your wallet:
  2. Navigate to the "Pool" page
  1. Choose one of the availabe pools



  1. Click 'Add Liquidity', then enter the amount of Token A (note that an equal amount for the other trading pair (Token B) will be calculated automatically.)


  1. Click "Supply" to provide liquidity to the pool.


  1. Review transaction details in the pop-up and click "Confirm Supply"


  1. You will be asked to sign the transaction using your password.


  1. The notification "Add liquidity: Initiated" will appear as the transaction is being processed and confirmed.


  1. Users can be redirected to view their transaction on Subscan by clicking the button below.

In this Guide you learned how to become a liquidity provider on Pablo. See our guide on how to take part in governance via Polkassembly.