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How to create a Talisman account

The Talisman wallet is an easy way of interacting with the Polkadot ecosystem by providing a parachain interoperable wallet while also connecting Substrate with EVM (Ethereum-Virtual-Machine). Aside from the foregoing use of the Talisman wallet, it also guides users by turning complexity into transparency through comprehensive transactions.

It functions similarly to Metamask: take part in Polkadot and Kusama, have all your Polkadot tokens in one place, and still be able to connect to Ethereum whenever you need to with Talisman.

This guide will show the user how to set up a Talisman account using the browser extension. It is highly recommended to read and understand the complete instructions before following along.

Download the Talisman Extension

Click this link to download the extension for your preferred browser:


Create a new wallet

Once it is downloaded and installed, you will see this window.


  1. Click on "New wallet"

As an option, Talisman allows you to import a wallet from Metamask. However, for purposes of this guide, we will create a new one from the very beginning and will not be importing a wallet from Metamask.

Account Details & Privacy

On the following pages, you will be asked to set a password and to authorize the collection of anonymous usage information and the sending of anonymized error reports.



  1. Set a password
  2. Click “Continue”
  3. Choose if you want to send anonymized usage and error information to Talisman
  4. Click either “No Thanks” or “I agree”

Secure your Passphrase: We have arrived at the dashboard/portfolio. In the future, you will see your assets for each parachain on this page. Since it is your first time here, Talisman will ask you to backup your twelve-word mnemonic seed (passphrase) which is used to restore your wallet and we recommend you to keep it safe using a password manager of your choice in order to prevent losing your assets. Please DO NOT share your passphrase with anyone. Your seed grants full access to ALL funds stored in that account and all accounts derived from it.



Once you have secured your passphrase, check the corresponding box.

Congratulations! You can now integrate your Talisman account into Composable applications to initiate transactions and sign them using your password.